1 All races will be conducted in accordance with the current ISAF rules, the SAS prescriptions thereto and the current HYC sailing instructions. As displayed on notice board.
2 The starting system:
All races started shall be in accordance with the system known as the “Flag System”
(See the sailing notice board for more information.)
3 The start times for regular weekend racing:
Start time on Saturday: Not before 15h00
Start time on Sunday: Not before 10h0 : Not after 15:00
4 The start times for special or sponsored events
To be advised in the applicable Notice of Race.
5 The course will be displayed on the board at the bell no less than 30 minutes before a scheduled start.
6 A minimum of 3 entries of the same class constitutes a race for a club trophy. 2 races as minimum for the trophy to be awarded. 4 races as a minimum for a discard to apply – for all club trophy racing.
7 Only Helmsman who are members of HYC are eligible for a club championship trophy.
8 For a Handicap Series:
All competitors will sail to their individual class portsmouth handicaps.
See the sailing notice board for your handicap
9 Club Champs:
This will be a scratch series sailed over one or more weekends as determined
A minimum of 3 races will be sailed
A minimum of 4 races will be sailed for a discard for a discard to be applied
A maximum of 10 races will be sailed, after 8 races 2 discards may be applied.
10 Personal Buoyancy:
Competitors shall wear adequate personal buoyancy at all times when on the water.
11 Neither HYC, nor any official involved with running a race shall be liable for any injury or damage caused by any means whatsoever. The decision to race, or continue to race lies entirely with the competitor.